Andrew – Class of 2021

A rainy evening in Manawa, WI

I have to admit, this was a first. I have had plenty of shoots where we had a little bit of drizzle we waited out here and there, some we’ve shot through a little bit of rain. For Andrew’s session, the radar looked pretty green, but patchy. Now, had this been a senior who I knew had their heart set on golden hour light in a grassy field I would have definitely rescheduled. For this one though I left it up to Andrew and his mom. I have been able to upgrade equipment the last few years so I have enough weather sealed lenses to be okay in a little rain.

Andrew said let’s go for it, didn’t want to bother rescheduling. Then it went from a drizzle to real rain and we considered again. It came down to a deciding to do what we could and if it got too bad then we’d finish a different time.

We started at Lindsay Park since we couldn’t go to the high school field. Construction issues. We stopped at a building in town that I think is not even being used for anything right now. Then we headed out to a friend’s place to have some barn and natural setting shots.

Guys, it rained the entire shoot. But it was never a downpour, never even super heavy. Just enough to be raining. Towards the end there were more pauses to wipe rain drops away but we figured we had enough so we might as well finish up with a few true rainy ones.

This was actually kind of fun for me and Andrew tolerated it very well! I love my usual style of bright and colorful, but the creative side of me enjoyed doing something different and figuring out how to work around this little challenge. I’m glad we did it!

After you check these out let me know – would you be a rainy day person?

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