Aaron – Class of 2021

A Waupaca senior session at Brainerd’s Bridge and Comet Field.

Every once in a while I end up meeting my country neighbors through my photography and that’s always fun! Now I know the people in that house I drive by all the time that gives me lawn envy.

Aaron and his folks met me at Brainerd’s Bridge and we were instantly off to a good start. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – stepping up the dress code for at least one wardrobe option is always good for guys. You cannot tell me different and Aaron is a shining example.

I also got to meet Skittles who is 13 years young. He was happy to just plod along where ever and be somewhere different. I love that every wardrobe change had some Skittles shots. It was so sweet.

Comet Field is still on my favorites list for locations. I will admit, doing sports shots there with the uncertainty of the upcoming seasons has a different feel. I hope there is football this fall. And soccer and cross country and whatever all the fall sports are!

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