Sam and Zane – Outdoor Summer Wedding

Sam and Zane’s hot outdoor summer wedding at the Union Thresheree Grounds in Symco, WI.

When a wedding day starts with strolling into the Saloon and weaving your way through the tractor seat bar stools to find the bride, that’s my kind of day. The Union Thresheree grounds were hopping with activity getting it all set up for Sam and Zane’s wedding on the train bridge. It was hot. Who would have thought 90+ in early June and two weeks into a drought. No matter, nothing was going to stifle the giggly excitement of the day.

Dad showed up right on time to see his girl in her gorgeous lace overlay gown which she even had the forethought to have a slit added to. He “didn’t cry”, although the dry weather and slight breeze kicked up just enough dust to require an eye wipe. Sam looked amazing and felt it too. She swished her gown around constantly and could not have wiped the smile away if she had tried. Thankfully she didn’t try because that smile is contagious!

At long last Zane was allowed to see his soon to be wife. When he turned to get a look at her coming his way his smile almost filled up Main Street Unionville. They laughed and hugged and relaxed as they knew the rest of the day was going to be perfect. Photo time! We didn’t go crazy with taking too long as everyone was sweating and we still had a ceremony to get to! To the north there were a few ominous clouds but they avoided Symco. Even the rain knew it didn’t stand a chance of dampening the day so it might as well not even try.

Time to get married….

The DJ was ready. The officiant walked Zane to the west end of the bridge where the altar was all flowered up. The bridge was full of guests and the wedding party in their places. Dad was stoic walking his girl down that aisle and Sam was beaming. There was just enough cloud cover to offer some relief from the heat and the ceremony was short and sweet, perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. Sam and Zane shuffled their way back down the aisle waving at friends and laughing with each other every step of the way.

Dinner was served under the tent and they kissed every time the cow bells rang. Speeches were made by the Maid of Honor who had travelled quite the distance to be there and the Best Man, aka Zane’s son, Noah. They both did a great job and had the tent full of people laughing and smiling.

From what I hear, a lot of work went in to preparing the Mill for the bar and dance of this event. It looked awesome and the band had the floor boards shaking out any dust that was missed during preparation. The gathering of friends and family enjoyed catching up on the lawn, hanging out around the bar, and busting out their moves on the floor. I’m sure that mentality continued long into the night!

Congratulations Sam and Zane! Your newest adventure has begun!

Thank you to all the vendors who helped pull this day together!

Venue – Union Thresheree –

Caterer – Beibel’s Catering, Green Bay, WI –

Florist and Coordinating – Events Everlasting, Kim Chonos, New London, WI –

Hair Stylist – Salon E&L, Katie Schneiderwent, Manawa, WI –

Makeup Artist – Jillian Dawson, Appleton, WI –

DJ – John Andersen Entertainment, Manawa, WI –

Band – The Blue Cheese Combo –

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