Laura and Mitchell

A sweet little photo session with Laura and Mitchell at Pfifner Park and Schmeekle Reserve in Stevens Point.

Laura and Mitchell have been together through a whole lot of milestones. They dated all through high school and have been long distance for a long time. Last winter Mitchell was apparently tired of long distance dating because he proposed, she said yes and now they can have a long distance marriage instead. They have a few weeks together here in Wisconsin and wanted to get some photos in that time. Always a good idea!

The dry weather finally broke after weeks of barely a drop. Of course it did that the night before this session and the rain threatened to continue all morning. But we forged ahead anyway! We strolled along through the trails of Pfifner and wrapped up there just as the skies let loose. By the time we were to the vehicles to head down the road the rain had stopped. Perfect timing:) A quick wardrobe change and some time wandering around Schmeekle Reserve let us get a ton of images that I hope they love!

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