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My favorite location for senior photos – your personal property!

You’ve read last week’s post about when to have your senior photos taken, Timing Your Senior Photos. You read the week before that, The RJP Senior Experience. Maybe you’ve decided on the when and the who for your senior photos. You’re not done. Where are you going to have them done?

Today I’m going to highlight my favorite location category – personal property! Watch in the upcoming weeks for examples of in Waupaca, Waupaca parks, Stevens Point area, and other nearby towns. But for now….

Shooting at a location that is a real part of your life, or a place you have always loved is my absolute favorite! I live for the sessions on the farm! And if you have a tiny bit of land that isn’t tucked way into the woods, those photos will be the ones you love the most. They mean the most! It doesn’t have to be your parent’s place either, it can be a grandparents, a neighbor’s, or a friend’s house.

If you are having animals included in your photos, it’s definitely the easiest to have them right where they live. Lots of pros for private property! Just remember that light is still the most important thing and I will find the best spots, even if they’re not the ones you had in mind. Light first! Location second.

Need some examples for inspiration? Here’s a few of my favorites on personal property from the Class of 2021!

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