Lindsey | Senior Session | Waupaca

Lindsey’s senior session around Waupaca with a picturesque covered bridge and her adorable sheep!

The park at Springwater Covered Bridge did not disappoint for this one! We had a beautiful day and the volunteers who take care of the flowers and the landscaping around there always do a great job. Lindsey picked that spot to meet to have a classic red barn, the fun of the bridge and some pretty flowers around. I loved it!

Then to her house to get pictures with her sheep! Can you guys believe with all the farm kids and FFA kids I’ve had over the last seven years this is a first for me? I’ve never had a kid with sheep before and it was chaos in the best way. Sheep do not care about the camera or the crazy noises I make to get them to look. They want to eat and play and move! I loved it. It helps that Lindsey is about the calmest person ever and just laughs at their little antics.

We had absolute gorgeous light that night and thank heavens for mom and big sister there to do some wrangling. That way Lindsey could get the sheep shots and still have time for some oh so pretty golden hour ones too.

  1. The lambs are SO cute! Love this session!

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