Kendall – Class of 2021

Kendall’s senior session at Grandma’s fit her style and retro vibe perfectly!

Kendall is all giggles and joy from the instant you meet her. It turned out that Grandma’s house where she wanted her photos done was right down the road from my house, like 1 mile. It’s always fun to see the backyards of my country neighbors and this one did not disappoint.

It took about 2 minutes for me to know that I was going to change my posing approach for Kendall. Most of the time I start with more posed and still shots before I start getting seniors comfortable enough to incorporate movement into their shots.

Kendall is a mover so we actually started with swaying and looking all over right from the get go. I never had to really ask her to laugh because she laughs at everything! Even a knee surgery conversation. We had some fun props too! Grandpa kindly moved the truck into the light for me, I had brought this cute stack of books that I’ve held onto for just such an occasion, and her very own camera showed a side of her that I love, of course.

The light pouring through the trees at the end of the night was a perfect situation for some road and walking shots. And did I mention just how much I love the color pop of her 70’s style sweater? Because I really do. I think you will too!

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