Cody – Class of 2021

Cody’s senior session had to have football and it had to have his car. Two very important things in life. We started at Comet Field where we figured out how to move the soccer nets so I know how to do that now. Always learning over here! We did a few of my go to poses for football and then incorporated a few little twists on the norm.

When his mom told me exactly where the place was we were going to next I was all happy. I used to live out by Sheridan and back in my running days I went by the old farm often. I always thought and I would like to shoot there so funny how that worked out.

We got the car parked just the right way. It kind of matched the building so everything worked together well. Then we got to use the long grass which I always love and we did venture into the road at the end of the session. Not a single car had gone by the entire time we were shooting. That’s the kind of road I like!

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