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Emma’s senior session at the Symco Thresheree Grounds and Grandma’s house.

Senior sessions with artsy animal lovers can be so much fun and Emma’s senior session did not disappoint! Emma does a little painting and she really loves the four legged friends. Even lets Grandma’s cat jump in a photo or two with her. We started at her Grandma’s which was just a stone’s throw down the road from stop #2. Emma had her two outfits ready, all her paintings she wanted, her bag of books, (who doesn’t love a bag of books?) and we dove right in.

After hanging out in Grandma’s yard we were down at the Thresheree grounds. I always love shooting there, so much fun quaint little stuff. Emma’s dress had the perfect vibe for the location too. It had a very Little House vibe and I love Little House!

The best non-photography thing about this session was the frogs. We were by the mill and I suddenly realized the ground looked like it was moving. Thousands of tiny baby frogs were surrounding us! It was a tiptoe maneuver to try to get back out of there. Eek!

A perfect sunset glow through the old bridge and we got that night wrapped up! We packed a lot into this session to show the many parts of Emma’s personalities. I think we made a pretty good team – even though she’s more of a fictional horror story in a book type and I’m on the true crime podcast wave:)

  1. Susie says:

    Awww Emma theee pictures are absolutely beautiful 🥰

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