Aleisha + Sam | Engagement

Aleisha and Sam’s hot and super muggy engagement session in Weyauwega.

Some like it hot! Some tolerate the heat and humidity for the sake of their engagement session. This session was still gorgeous and I think we kept the brow sweat to a minimum considering it was somewhere are 90 degrees. We started with a hike along the cross country trails which we didn’t go super deep into. It already required a double dose of bug spray there!

Aleisha and I had crossed paths a time or two when we were both waitressing. I knew she was a heart of gold soul and had an edgy style to boot. I had never met Sam but right off the bat he was so easy to get along with. Not a lot of guys can smile and laugh through the sweatiness this session had. Kudos to him for that!

We added a location I had scoped out before the session. 1 – more variety is always good, especially when the couple is staying in one outfit. 2 – Another stop meant another A/C break! The fairgrounds were open so using the cover of the grandstands gave us some great lead lines and beautiful neutrals!

Our last stop was a little spot by the bridge where Alisha could kick off the boots and the water could shimmer a bit in the back. I hope next June isn’t quite this hot but at least now we know that if it is we’ll be just fine. They can handle it!

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