Twins – Eric and Ryan – Senior – Waupaca

Eric and Ryan’s joint senior session at Waupaca High School and outdoor at Rachel Jensen Photography.

We can work twin session many ways. For this one we decided to do both sessions together and bounce back and forth. Eric wanted to include football and his gun. Ryan really just wanted to include the robot he and his team put together. Can do!

We started in the robotics lab with some blue lighting in the background to add a little electronic pop to the bins of parts and wires. We worked posing around the robot and Ryan was all good. I really love how those turned out and his album looks awesome with those images! Then it was out to the football field with Eric where we worked around the soccer practice that was starting. The blue skies and the metal stands were perfect for the day.

We did do a quick stop downtown for some brick wall and then went out to my land where the guns are welcome and the landscape is a mix of grassy and woodsy. A few simple shots to finish out the shoot and we had everything we needed.

Prints and albums were picked up today and now that they have seen all their photos on person, I can share them with all of you! Enjoy!

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