The Harvats – Class of 2021

A senior session with triplets Ben, Kate and Will at the lake house in Waupaca, WI

This was a first for me, I’ve had twins before but never triplets. You can probably imagine there is a little more planning with a trio. Especially since they’re from a couple hours away. The general consensus for having photos done here was that they would be different than what most of their class has. Works for me! I reserved a rain date on my calendar for just in case and we met a month ahead to plan out locations. We ended up avoiding the rain that came earlier that day and had a cloudy evening that worked to our advantage. Plus we added an extra hour to the session so these guys put up with me for a long time. Bless their souls!

A kind neighbor with more open shoreline let us come over to do a bunch there which was so nice. Plus I got on a boat for the first time this year so I am officially not skunked in that department. We attracted the attention of passersby and laughed through the switches and peanut gallery comments.

Ending the night at a Covered Bridge gave us some woodsy flowers you probably wouldn’t get in Hartland. The boys were done a little earlier than Kate but they tolerated waiting well. I’m so glad the Harvats trusted me with their three in one session! I think we got a lot done and they have plenty of great options for their wall!

Ladies first….

And now for Ben, I chose alphabetically….

And Will…

And of course we had a few with the whole trio! Here’s a couple favorites of those!

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