Taylor + Ryan | Engaged

Taylor and Ryan’s winter engagement session in the small town of Nelsonville.

I got to meet Taylor a few weeks ago to chat about wedding photography stuff. I think maybe 15 minutes was about pictures, the other hour was everything else in life. When she left I felt like I had just spent time catching up with a friend and I am so excited to be their photographer! Ryan couldn’t make that meeting but I had a funny feeling he’d be just as easy to hang out with as Taylor is.

Engagement sessions are great practice for wedding day photos to help that day go smoothly. Of course I’m thinking we won’t have a winter wonderland for their July wedding but it is Wisconsin so you never know:) Taylor and Ryan are both self proclaimed “not picture people” and wanted to keep this simple. We walked around the tiny little town they live in and took plenty of jacket breaks.

I sure hope Taylor and Ryan love these photos, loved having them taken, and are loving the wedding planning process. Their wedding at the Danes Hall is going to be just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see them again! Kind of hoping we just do a planning meeting a few weeks before so we get to chat even more. (Hint hint , you two!:)

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