Sam – Class of 2021

My first Spokesmodel of the year! Sam is one of 10 Spokesmodels, only 2 of which are guys this year. I was really excited when Sam signed up for the program. He was one of my kids’ swim instructors last year so I knew he had to be pretty easy going to take on that job! And he was willing to be the first one this year too – ready to dive right in. See what I did there? 

After a little switching around our location plans due to high water and swarms of lake flies, we got all settled. Started out at Comet Field which is so nice to shoot at. The turf always looks nice (I don’t know if I’m using the right term there – sorry sports fans). The bleachers offer a reflective surface that’s perfect for skin and we had the whole place to ourselves. Now I must admit – I know barely a thing about soccer but i think we managed pretty well!

Then off to Sam’s house for the great outdoors! Ummm, open and airy property that has trees with light leaves? Yes, please! I like the casual look for guys a lot of the time, but I really like when a guy will dress it up a notch. Sam nailed it! His blue jacket looked so good against the green of the grasses and the gray stones. And just on him in general. I don’t care what your size or stature is guys – you cannot go wrong with a properly fitted suit coat or sport jacket. 

Well just see for yourself I suppose!

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