Mariah and Seth – Engaged

A cold and breezy engagement session on the farm in Custer, WI.

Folks, when I read the questionnaire Mariah filled out for their engagment I was so stinkin’ excited! An engagement session on the farm they’ll be running together is right up my alley. Then when I pulled up to the farm I felt like I was walking on clouds. The light was beautiful and the long gravel driveway flanked by pasture ended at a very tidy group of buildings.

This was the first time I met either Seth or Mariah and I got to meet both their wonderful moms too. Then we jumped right into the pasture. Literally. There were a bunch of curious cows and steers checking us out but I thought it was fun and no one got licked.

It was already cold but once Mariah changed into a flowy dress dress with sandals she had to be freezing! They toughed it out and we ended with some of my favorite truck shots to date!

  1. Anonymous says: really did an amazing job capturing Mariah and Seth’s personalities and their love for each other. Love these pictures so much!❤

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