Mandy + Trace | Engaged | Stevens Point

Mandy and Trace’s Engagement session at Schmeekle Reserve and Bukolt Park in Stevens Point, WI.

Sometimes you can know of a person for a long time before you really even know them. Mandy and Trace went to high school together but their relationship didn’t start until years later. Now here they are planning their wedding and life together!

It’s always fun when a couple is willing to go somewhere new to all of us. I think most people in the Stevens Point area know the Schmeekle Reserve pretty well, but I had never shot in this part of it before. I didn’t even pronounce it correctly until last year! It was a pretty cool night but we kept moving and had fun working our way around the park and the many people in it. Including the walkers who thought we were doing Mandy’s senior portraits! I guess Trace’s beard doesn’t put him in the “could be high schooler” category:)

Weaving along the boardwalks through the swampy grass I got to see how these two interact. Trace’s calm and quiet paired with Mandy’s quick laugh brings out their friendship and it’s fun to be around. I get the distinct feeling that they could be anywhere together and find something to joke about. That’s what best friends do.

After we left Schmeekle we took the truck down by the river and ended the night with some of my favorite shots! I’m a sucker for an old truck being included in photos and when the sun finally throws a few rays through it just makes it better. This weird little park set on the Wisconsin packs a lot into one little space.

In just 3 short months I get to hang out with these two again at their wedding. That’s gonna be another new place too and the first full wedding at a new venue. I cannot wait!

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