Madelyn and Matthew – Engaged

Madelyn and Matthew are engaged and their wedding is coming up quick! Next month they’ll be Mr. and Mrs.! We took awhile to get this one on the books since the weather kept fighting us. We finally got a night with beautiful weather! Grandma and Grandpa’s was the perfect setting. And Magnum and Kota kept things interesting too!

These two have been together since high school and are ready to make it lifelong official. They fit together so well, always smiling and laughing together. Even their names fit well together – Madelyn and Matthew. Rolls off the tongue. They’re ready to take on life and all that comes with it!

Now, this session made me so excited for their wedding and for summer shoots in general. We had it all. A cute couple of course, a cute pair of pooches, old buildings, grassy fields and even distant storm clouds. It was all the things I love to shoot with. They were up for anything. Hanging out by rusty gates, trekking through the tall grass to the top of the hill, plopping right down on the concrete, and even dancing when the only music was in their heads. I loved the fun pop of floral color that Madelyn brought with her first outfit. If you know my work much, you KNOW I love the casual jeans and white shirt vibe for the second. Ahh, especially walking out in that hayfield with the clouds rolling through!

I think these images speak for themselves on how fun Madelyn and Matthew are to be around. After spending and evening with them, I cannot wait for this wedding! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fun one. It might be hot as hallelujah, might be storming, and since it is Wisconsin it could be a cold day in July. No matter. You can bet Madelyn and Matthew are gonna be smiling all the way!

  1. Renae David says:

    Absolutely beautiful couple and pictures!

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