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Talking about my hometown here for your senior photo location, good old Waupaca, Wisconsin.

If you don’t have a chunk of personal property where you want your senior photos taken, but you want a natural setting, Waupaca has you covered. There are a few public parks in Waupaca we can shoot at that are great for senior photos. They all have their pros and cons. It can depend on your taste, the time of year (check out the post Timing Your Senior Photos for more info), or even the weather on the day of your session.

Here’s a quick run down:

Riverview Park, more of an urban park with just a little bit of flower bed and river access. Here if it’s sunny, it’s best to be there later in the day when the sun is getting low. But on cloudy days we can be there without sun hitting you right in the face at any time and get the park fell background.

Waupaca Eco Park, an underrated gem in the area. This park has the amphitheater of stone seats and has some taller grass areas that are fun to shoot in. The only problem here that just popped up last summer – that stupid wild parsnip has made it’s way there. You DO NOT want to touch that stuff. It’s easy to spot though and therefore easy to avoid.

South Park. The beach at South Park in late summer has the cattails that are fun and a great long dock where no matter what the skies are like, we can angle for some great shots. It can be busy there so on a hot day that could be a struggle.

Brainard’s Bridge. The best thing about Brainard’s is the fun bridges to use. It can be tricky with my style depending on weather because it’s pretty woodsy there so really bright days can make skin tones tough to get right. Cloudy days we are set though!

Swan Park. Oh how I love Swan Park! That huge hill and the path along the tree line makes it possible to shoot there most any time of day. Plus, if you want sand volleyball or some baseball fences there they are. And when someone wants basketball but doesn’t want in the gym, the outdoor courts there are awesome for photos. Best variety in a Waupaca Park, in my humble opinion!

Last but far from least – Hartman Creek State Park. The only thing we have to remember here is that it is a State Park. You need a state park pass and you are responsible for getting yours before your session. I need to spend some time exploring that park this summer but I already have enough favorite spots there that I can fill a session at that one park. There’s water, there’s tall wispy grass, there’s white pines, there’s docks, and there are flowers if you’re in the right season. What more could nature loving folk want!

So yeah, plenty of natural setting options in Waupaca for your senior photos. Let me know what is important to you and I’ll know which park will fit you the best!

Now for the examples…

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