Locations Senior Photos – Downtown Waupaca

Continuing on with highlighting popular senior photo locations, this week is all about downtown Waupaca.

This one’s gonna be quick! If you don’t want the grassy fields, summer flower sort of thing in your senior photos, this one’s for you. I love shooting in downtown Waupaca. The smaller buildings still let light shine down to the street. There are a ton of different wall colors and textures. And any wardrobe style works in a smaller town setting. Your senior photos will be awesome no matter the weather or the time of year when you hang out around downtown Waupaca. And, of course, properly plan along with me!

Something I think would be really fun this year is having the construction and ripped to shreds Main Street as a backdrop. Somebody please agree with me and get a June shoot scheduled!!!

Need some quick inspiration for what we can do in town? Here ya go!

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