Kylee | Class of 2022 | Waupaca

Kylee’s session on the Crystal River and Swan Park.

Kylee’s session had a little bit of something special in it. A few things actually. First, she had her Grandma’s jacket and that was just fun and adorable! Then at Swan Park we used a purple balloon as a tribute to friend gone too soon. It was her favorite color 😔 and a sweet way for Kylee to always think of her. It was just Kylee and me at this session. Her poor pup was having some health issues so mom had to stay with him. Kylee is so bubbly and sweet! You can see it right there in her smile!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your work is amazing! The album is such a beautiful touch that we will have for years to come. Some heartache as we lost our Koko bean, but Kylee as usual, came through so strong. ♥️

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