Hope – Class of 2021 – A two part session

We got a two parter here! Hope’s session ended up being split because of a storm rolling in but it worked out so well! Our first attempt was in Waupaca and we went around a block I hadn’t shot before. It’s fun for me to try out different locations from time to time and I think we had an awesome turnout from these! Her adorable red shirt of course helped on too. But we had to save the shots at her house with her oh so pretty Frankie for another day. 

She was willing to be up and ready for pictures again at 6am, on a Saturday! Love the dedication here! Of course our feet were soaking wet in about two minutes from the dew but it was so worth it. We had a gorgeous morning with gorgeous light and a whole lot of other gorgeousness thrown in! I’m such a fan of having horses and dogs and all the good stuff included in a session. This Spokesmodel team is sure off to a good start!

Are they not the sweetest pair!

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