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It’s about time I did a formal introduction I suppose! I’m Rachel Jensen, a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur over here in central Wisconsin. I married an overly ambitious man who has a farmer’s heart. So not only do I run a photography business but we raise a few beef cows as well with plans on growing that. Then there’s those kids to take care of too. A big thanks to Danielle Kristine Photography for the photos I’m sharing on this post!

First off, thank you for visiting the blog! This is where my clients get their day in the sun, where I share with you all some of my photography knowledge and hopefully where you can come to get to know me a bit.

On the business side of my life, I am a natural light photographer meaning most of my sessions are outdoors. I focus on seniors and weddings but I will do a family session from time to time. Those are so important to have that I feel I’m not serving my clients well if I don’t offer them to some extent. My heart and joy lies in the weddings and senior, both with their own unique importance and purpose.

I started this business in 2016 when some of the parents at the Prom gathering I was photographing for my niece and nephew asked if I was going to offer senior photos. Hadn’t really thought about it before. At the time we were in the middle of a full home remodel, we had just started raising calves and my boys were 2 and 1. But sure, I could do that. This business has grown fast thanks to all my wonderful clients (and a lot of late nights and hard work).

I am from the Waupaca area, born and raised on a farm outside of Scandinavia. My parents dairy farmed until we sold the cows in 2001. We kept raising beef, my dad kept selling seed (still does at 77 years young), and eventually my brother took over the whole farm and cash crops it. Besides my brother John I have 3 older sisters. Yup, big family!

My husband Josh is from Amherst and supports our little family with his full time Foundry job. We met in high school when we both worked at my sister’s dairy farm. We didn’t date at that time. But when he showed up for my 21st birthday party after not seeing each other for years that was it. That was almost 14 years ago. A few houses, kids and dogs later and we are going strong.

If you want to know about me, you gotta hear about my kids. I know, moms right? My oldest is pretty much a mini Josh. Mads is a perfectionist when it suits him. 7 going on 17 I suppose. And yes, that’s his full name. Mads Jensen was Josh’s great great grandpa and the first of the family to come to America from Denmark. We both wanted our kids to have a family name but it did take a lot of convincing for Josh to go with it.

Beau is the younger but bigger of my first two. He is a ball of personality with blond hair and blue eyes. He’s 5 years old and friends with everyone he meets. I’m pretty sure he’s the most social out of my whole family. And the noisiest. So very noisy. Then there’s Levi. He’s 1 year old now (but in these photos he was only 8 months or so). He just tags along in life and is pretty chill with whatever. It’s awesome.

The four leggers in the family are Walter, the Great Dane and Shelby, the Border Collie. They keep things interesting and ensure that my floors will never be clean.

Life right now at the end of 2020 is only a little crazy but we are going to throw a tree on that fire in the next year or so. We just finished completely remodeling our current house so it’s time to move on. We’re hoping to start building in the summer of 2021. Meanwhile we’re looking for a smaller house to buy and fix up so we can sell this one. There’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of making it work in the future! If you want to follow along with that unedited craziness I have a separate Instagram account for it @buildingthejensens.

Thanks for reading! I hope you feel like you know me a little better but make sure you follow me on Instagram @racheljensenphoto for the little fun things along the way!

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