Hailey | Senior Session | Amherst

Hailey’s early fall senior session in the woods and fields at Rachel Jensen Photography, Amherst, WI.

Hailey’s session was extra fun for me, it’s the first senior I’ve had at my new house and I loved it! Hailey just wanted very natural areas with no buildings and things like that so my property really worked well. Hailey and her mom Erin are both dog people so we let my critters wander around with us too to begin with. Normally I would leave the bloopers where my dogs got in the shot out of the blog but I think Hailey will like it!

After the first outfit Hailey put on the sweatshirt that she picked for Grandpa – is that not the best! We didn’t stay in it crazy long because it was pretty warm out yet. Hailey and Erin (dogs were banned to the house for a bit) trekked up the hill through the grass with me to get to an open field at sunset. These were some of my favorite! We did get covered with those little sticky weed seeds but worth it.

I’m definitely going to have to do more sessions at my property next year!

  1. Cindy DeWitt says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!!! (Dogs included)
    Grandpa is looking down and loving his Girl! Beautiful Hailey Nicole.

  2. Erin grulke says:

    She is beautiful and you did a wonderful job!!!!

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