Favorites – Vehicles of 2020

girl in striped shirt with Ford truck and boy with 66 Mustang

You guys know me, I love having a vehicle in senior photos! The older the better. I had some pretty good ones this year so I had to put together a little collection of faves, including some from my first shoot with a dirt bike! This year I didn’t have any tractors which I’m hoping changes next year! If we ever get a decent amount of snow I’ll have a snowmobile session coming up this winter so watch for that one!

If you’re thinking about having photos with your truck or car here’s a few quick tips:

  1. Have it cleaned out. I’m talking stuff out of the cupholders, back seat, bed of the truck. I don’t really care if it’s clean per se, but have all the junk removed.
  2. Do clean the windows. Fog and streaks can show up real easy and they’re nearly impossible to edit out.
  3. Have someone with you who can move it around. That way when we need it repositioned you don’t have to spend your limited photo time doing it. We can get other shots while someone else is moving it.
  4. Make sure whatever color you’re wearing doesn’t clash with your car color.

You’re gonna see multiples of the seniors who had cars and trucks in this post. When a senior has a vehicle that they love (or Grandpa loves!), I make sure I get plenty of fun shots with them!

Now the good stuff: THE PHOTOS!

I just love this shot!
Damian hung out with me for some extra time and let me play with flash to get this effect!

Here’s a bonus for ya from way back in 2018 – just because it’s one of my all time favorites!

Disclaimer – this is my nephew and I also worked at their farm in high school and met my husband there. I may have personal reasons for loving this one!

There they be! Leave a comment with your favorite!

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