Esther – Class of 2021

I finally got to meet Esther in person! She’s one of my Spokesmodels this year and is such an interesting girl. She is home-schooled so this whole Covid thing had a very different look from her view. She loves animals, play ukelele and guitar and she reads real books. I have wanted to incorporate reading into a session for a long time! I knew her mom was gonna be pretty cool too. Her name is Rachel so how could she not be cool?

Esther wanted the library where she works to be one location but she didn’t have a second picked out. I have a pond that I have always though might work out for photos so we started there. She didn’t even mind that one of my dogs tagged along. Shelby, not Walter. That would have required way too much effort from him:) I love the shots with her ukelele on the fallen tree!

The library where she carried a stack of books was pretty fun too! In case you’re wondering how to make Esther giggle, talk about math. It makes her happy. Told you she’s interesting! We did a few more stops in town but the beach was the funniest part of the night.

I had to include one of the pictures with the little girl whose name I don’t know – and wouldn’t share anyway. I am kind of pushing a line here but really I had to share this part. We were doing our last shots of the night and this little girl that was there totally stole the show. She jumped right in so I could get a picture of her too and sweet Esther just giggled!

I can’t wait to have another session with Esther. Her happiness spreads like wildfire and we could all use a bit more of that!

  1. Marla says:

    Esther your pictures are so pretty! I love them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations!!!! So proud of you!! Keep up the good work. Your doing what God wants you to do and that’s all that’s important. 💕

  3. Linda Schick says:

    How do you even begin to choose?? My beautiful granddaughter-you leave smiles in my heart 💕💕. Can’t wait to see more!!

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