Eden – Class of 2021

Eden is another Class of 2021 Spokesmodel! We went to another place I hadn’t shot before but could anytime. If you’ve read a few posts you may be noticing a pattern here with new locations. In the “off season” of senior photos I try to think about places I would be able to shoot to add some variety and options for my clients. Then when my Spokesmodels don’t have a specific place they’d like their first round of photos, we try out one of those spots. Eden wasn’t too particular so we scouted out Fremont.

I haven’t been to Fremont in years, always just passing by. So I headed there early to scout and realized I had to shoot under the bridge. When I saw the giant concrete arch I was sold. All the shots with grass and flower are just from right there at the little parking lot for the fishermen. You don’t have to have a huge field to get a grassy look!

Then we headed into town and went down to the water. What a perfect night for it! Some of my favorite shots were at this spot. I can’t wait for her mini session!

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