Beau is 6!

Yesterday was Beau-dozer’s 6th birthday! Since he was very little, like a few months old, I have called him “delightfully difficult” and that has been appropriate for all 6 years. When he came into the world at 9lbs 13oz, I had no idea he was going to be the opposite of his brother in every way he could and hold such a special spot in my heart!

He is a great big brother and an okay little brother. He has a hard head and a soft heart. His emotions run high but he gets over everything that upsets him so quickly. I wish we could all move on from disappointment as fast as he does most of the time. He’s the kid at school everyone knows because he talks to everyone. All. The. Time.

It was a big year for this kiddo! He started Kindergarten which is the highlight of his life! He took horse riding lessons. He learned to ride bike. All good things when you’re 5.

Beau is the kid that will go out to dinner with me and order salmon. He wants to be around friends all the time but he is fine to sit and entertain himself. He really is the best big brother!

The last 2 weeks have been a little rough on the kid. Two weeks ago he pulled a “Christmas Story” and stuck his tongue to a metal pole after school. We got it off and he’s fine. Then Sunday he bit an icicle (on purpose) and broke a tooth. It was a baby tooth that was already injured and weak. That’s why in most pictures his top tooth looks red. But that meant yesterday – on his birthday – he went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. Ouch! He’s so tough though! And he rocks the big gap like no other! (Check out the very last picture).

I love my Beau so very much and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

First time riding bike!!!
Oh boy, here he comes!
He got cowboy boots from us for his birthday and has wore them constantly so far!
His real birthday, rocking the big gap and polishing off some cake and ice cream!

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