2021 Begins

A quick personal post with some snapshots of the beginning of 2021 in the Jensen house.

Hey all! Just a heads up – this is not a pretty picture blog post. I mean, they’re fine. But they’re mostly phone photos and some not even mine;) Josh listens to me going on about good lighting about as much as I listen to him going on about saw blades and building stuff. This is just a quick little personal post to let you all in on how the year has started off for the Jensen Family! It’s a quick check-in from me before shooting season gets crazy.

Here’s the deal, we’re a homebody family. We always have something we’re working on, we’ve got the few cows out there to take care of, we’re working on house plans for the next big venture, yadayada. We don’t have big family vactions to share about and that has nothing to do with Covid.

The little moments are what make a big life anyway, right?

So I’m finally starting to remember to take photos on my phone. But I didn’t do a good job of that in January so not much there. I did turn 35 in January but I’ve now hit the age where around 2:00 in the afternoon I go “hey, it’s my birthday, huh.” And that’s about the extent of it.

In February I wanted to do something fun with the kids for Valentine’s Day, yet I did not want to work real hard at it. I’ve started to accept that when I’m going to take the time to do something fun with the kids, it can’t be something that takes a lot of pre-thing effort or I’m frustrated by the time we go.

Libbybug to the rescue! You guys, if you haven’t had cookies from Libbybug in Waupaca you’re missing out. They taste great and how ADORABLE. I ordered a few dozen cookies to deliver to some fam. All I told her was that I wanted it to make sense they were from kids and we had a few farm families to deliver to and she made a few dozen of these designs. Look her up on FB @libbybugcookies after you leave me here.

I did let the kids decorate boxes for their delivery. It’s nice that they really can do it themselves for the most part.

The rest of our first few months of 2021 were just hanging out around home when the kids are awake and after that I’m in my office planning out the business stuff for the year while Josh is working on some home inspector classes. If you want to get to know a little more of our life, here’s some captioned snapshots to help with that!

See – photographers’ kids have weird smiles too!
Levi is a pretty big music fan.

Beau finally lost his first tooth. That sucker did not want to fall out on it’s own. Josh is always weirdly happy when he gets to pull a tooth.

The day before Beau’s birthday I took this picture of him because he was so proud of the icicle he found to eat. Then he bit it and broke his tooth. So on his birthday he had a tooth pulled! The broken tooth was already dying from an injury a year ago and it was a baby tooth so all good.

This steer’s mole is growing like crazy on his nose. Anybody else feel an Austin Powers Goldmember reference coming on? Moley moley moley!

I got to go do basket planting in March with some of my sisters at Bonnie’s Bloomers. Hanging out in a warm greenhouse in March? Yes, please! I can’t wait to pick up my gorgeous creation later this spring. And no, we did not plan on color coordinating this day!

Levi will ride on the Ranger as much as he possibly can. He is such a typical farm kid!

We did a little sap cooking this year at my in-laws. We used to cook ever other year but the last few we’ve done it each year. There’s more kids in the family so many more Saturday morning pancake syrup needs!

And the last ones here are just sitting around in the grass the other day. Of course I had to share a little bit of my other kids, Walter and Shelby. They’re such good doggies.

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